Khaled Salem Etayeb


Graduated from the University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli Libya in the academic year 1993/94 with a BSc in Zoology. I obtained a Masters from the same University in the Department of Zoology in the spring of 2002, on migratory and resident marine birds in Ras-Attalgha and the western part of Farwa Island, Libya. 

From 1997 to 2003 I worked at the Environment General Authority as a research assistant in the Department of Conservation of Nature, in the Protected Areas Unit.

IN May 2003 I moved to the University of Al-Fateh to work as an assistant lecturer. I started my PhD at the University of Sheffield in June 2007.

Project : the Ecology of dippers in urbanized areas

Research interests:

                  - Birds census.
                  - Conservation of wetlands


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