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Personal Particulars

Name        (surname underlined):
Tebogo Selebatso (Lebutswe ne`e Sebako)
Home address: Box 404892 Gaborone Botswana
Present Address: University of Sheffield
Department of Animal & Plant Sciences
Alfred Denny Building
Western Bank
S10 2 TN
E-mail bop07ts@sheffield.ac.uk


2007 to date:

Phd student: University of Sheffield
 M.Sc; Plant Biology
 Massey University, New Zealand.    
BSC; Biology and Environmental Science
University of Botswana
 2000 to 2007:
Lecturer in Plant Diversity Cell structure and function,
Plant anatomy, Economic Botany Botswana College of Agriculture                                   

1997 –2000: Tutor (Botany)  Botswana College of Agriculture.
1994- 1997: Assistant tutor (Botany) Botswana College of Agriculture.

PhD Project                         

Environmental effects on the structure of plants:  Investigating ecotypic differences in the response of stomata and plant fitness to environmental change.   

Supervisors FI Woodward and JA Lake                                           
Sponsor: Botswana College of Agriculture


Increase in global carbon dioxide, temperature and in some latitudes humidity are characteristic features of global climatic change.  There are overwhelming reports on the future increase of these environmental factors. These environmental factors are the key variables that affect plant growth, development and function. How plant respond to their increase has important implications for the performance of both natural and agroecosystems. For crops their agricultural production as well as food quality will be affected. It is therefore important to understand and quantify plant responses to these environmental changes. Even though there is vast information on plant responses to increase of CO2 and temperature from the many experiments conducted on the above, there is little information on (a) altitudinal origin of plants and their responses to environmental change, (b) interactive effects of humidity and carbondioxide effects on plants and (c) ecotypical stomatal response to environmental change.

This project therefore intends to investigate ecotypic differences in the response of anatomy, morphology, photosynthesis and plant fitness to environmental changes.   

Other research Interests:

Indigenous edible and medicinal plants of Botswana