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Theroretial Ecology and Conservation Finance

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Home Welcome to my website. Here you will find information relating to my research in theoretical ecology and conservation finance as well as information on the research group of which i am member.

Essentially my research attempts to utilize techniques from mathematics in the field of theoretical ecology with a particular focus on conservation finance and the design of conservation contracts.

More detailed information is contained in the research interests page and please feel free to contact me with the details below should any questions arise.
Research Interests
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setting sun"Conservation is the foresighted utilization, preservation and/or renewal of forests, waters, lands and minerals, for the greatest good of the greatest number for the longest time.

Gerald Pinchot


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flower of some assortment"We stand today poised on a pinnacle of wealth and power, yet we live in a land of vanishing beauty, of increasing ugliness, of shrinking open space and of an overall environment that is diminished daily by pollution and noise and blight. This, in brief, is the quiet conservation crisis.

Stewart L. Udall