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    Plant Responses to Elevated Carbon Dioxide.
    Anthony Walker

 The interaction of carbon and nitrogen  dynamics through plants is key to  understanding the potential of many  ecosystems to sequester carbon. Much work  has been done on carbon and nitrogen  dynamics yet much is still to learn, in particular  how rising atmospheric carbon dioxide will  influence their relationship. 

 I will be using data from free air carbon dioxide  enrichment experiments (FACE) to  inform the  models and to validate them with regard to  plant growth and physiology in  response to a  carbon dioxide enriched atmosphere.

 I will be running some controlled environment  experiments to test some aspects of the  FACE experiments and will also be  investigating plant carbon and nitrogen  interactions in an attempt to  guide/parameterise developing nitrogen uptake models.

 The models I will be using are Sheffields own - the 'sheffield dynamic global vegetation  model' (SDGVM) and the Met Office's latest land surface scheme - the 'Joint UK Land  Environment Simulator' (JULES).


 Prof. F. I. Woodward, University of Sheffield

 Dr. C. Huntingford, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford