Thomas Kluyver

Undergraduate degree

University of Cambridge, 2006-2009, Natural Sciences

Final year in the department of Plant Sciences, including an eight-week project with Prof. Howard Griffiths, measuring stomatal responses in different groups of land plants (a lycophyte, two ferns, a cycad, and an angiosperm). Experience in gas exchange measurements, the theory of stomatal physiology, and data analysis.

Field trips to Wales, Southern England, and Portugal.

Summer Project at Rothamsted

Rothamsted Research, Summer 2008, Plant Pathology

Work with Emily Boys, in Prof. Bruce Fitt's group, on light leaf spot (Pyrenopeziza brassicae), a fungal disease of oilseed rape. Experience of molecular methods including real-time PCR, as well as growing plants in controlled environments, electron microscopy, and assessing disease in field trials.

Other interests

Apart from science, I have an interest in computer software. I use Linux (an open source operating system) on my own computer, and I do a bit of casual programming. Participating in the 2009 Google Code Jam, I was among the top 3000 contestants, putting me through to the second round. More practically, I have set up RefZap, a simple tool for quickly finding journal references online.

I'm also interested in scientific publishing and science communication. In the past, I've been involved in a number of student science magazines, and I now keep a blog about current scientific research, mainly as it relates to plants.

In my spare time in Sheffield, I am a member of Sheffield University Walking Club, so the weekends often find me enjoying some scenic part of the Peak District.