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Stress, growth and reproduction 

in Asian elephants

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About me


2010-Present PhD, University of Sheffield
Thesis: Stress, growth and reproduction in Asian elephants

2008- 2009 MPhil in Epidemiology, University of Cambridge
Thesis: The association between genetic variants for obesity and age at menarche in the EPIC-Norfolk cohort

2004-2007 BA in Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge
Dissertation: Primates in the slow lane: A study of interspecific variation in the growth coefficient A
Extended essay: Trade-offs in human growth evolution

Mumby, H.S., C.E. Elks, S. Li, S.J. Sharp, K-T. Khaw, R.N. Luben, N.J. Wareham, R.J.F. Loos and K.K. Ong, Mendelian Randomisation Study of Childhood BMI and Early Menarche. Journal of Obesity, 2011. vol. 2011, Article ID 180729.

Mumby, H. and L. Vinicius, Primate Growth in the Slow Lane: A Study of Inter-Species Variation in the Growth Constant A. Evolutionary Biology, 2008. 35(4): p. 287-295.

Prizes and scholarships
2010-2013 NERC PhD studentship
2009 Nick Day Prize for best MPhil Student
2008-2009 MRC Masters studentship

Oral presentations
Aug 2011 ESEB Congress, Tübingen, Germany
Climatic conditions and mortality in Asian elephants
Apr 2011 ASAB Easter meeting, Cambridge
Reproduction in a seasonally fluctuating climate: How climatic conditions affect still-birth rate and mortality in Asian elephants
Oct 2009 King’s College Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge
Obesity and early puberty: The shape of things to come?

Summer 2010 Save the Elephants Samburu, Kenya
I assisted with fieldwork monitoring the elephant population and other mammal species in Samburu National Reserve and worked on improving the database of individually monitored elephants. This gave me my first taste of working with elephants and really ignited by enthusiasm.

Oct 2009-Jan 2010 MRC Epidemiology Unit,
University of Cambridge
Research student

May-Sep 2008 Department of Social Psychology,
University of Cambridge

Other interests
The proximity of Sheffield to the Peak District means plenty of walks in the countryside.
Photo of the peak district
Another passion of mine is travelling, especially to Brazil.  As well as embracing Brazilian food such as feijoada (black bean stew) and learning Portuguese, I have come to love telenovelas (Brazilian soaps). 
picture of Sao Paulo Brazil
I also enjoy going to the theatre, cooking and finding depictions of elephants wherever I go.
me with elephant sculptureme with taxi elephant sculpture
(The Elephant Parade in London)
elephant grafitti
(An elephant-human hybrid on the Streets of São Paulo)
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