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Support for APS RTP 6020 - Rules & Regulations

All authors uploading web sites, web pages, images and all related files to the University Web Servers must register with CiCS and also comply with the University regulations with respect to all content hosted upon the University Web Servers.

There is one nominated person per department (Departmental Web Master) who has ftp = File Transfer Protocol, access rights to the University Web Server, this is Glyn Woods for the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences.

Caroline Smith has access rights for the Department with respect to web pages held on the CMS web server.

Graduate Students and special interest groups may only register for web access via the C-Panel web server. To register with the University as an information Provider using the C-Panel service you should download and complete the registration form, then return it to CiCS. Alternatively you can register in person with CiCS Registration Service.

Download the Registration form C-Panel

Information concerning the University Rules and Regulations for Information Provides can be found by following the link below.

Rules and Regulations for Information Providers at Sheffield

University Style Guide

The Department of Student Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing (SRAM) has published an Editorial Style Guide. It contains helpful advice to authors publishing written material or publishing information on the WWW. You are encouraged to read this guide before constructing your web pages.

University Style Guide


Web Page Design Guidelines

Some very useful advice and guidelines to help you to construct a web site for maximum usability and ease of navigation can be found here at Student Services

Web Page Design Guidelines

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