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APS Level 4  2010 -11  University Rules and Style Guide

All authors uploading websites, web pages, images and all related files to the University Web Servers must  comply with the University Rules and Regulations with respect to published material hosted upon the University Web Servers.

The University also has an Editorial Style Guide which authors should consult before publishing their work.  

University Rules and Regulations for Published Work

University Staff and Students authors adding content to websites held on the University web servers are required to read and comply with the University Rules and Regulations with respect to acceptable content and compliance with legal requirements applicable to publically available websites. Please follow the link below to read the University Rules and Regulations for authors and information providers .

| University Regulations for WWW Information Providers |

The University Style Guide and other informaton

The Department of Marketing has published an Editorial Style Guide which is available online. This guide contains helpful advice for authors publishing written material in print form or information published on the WWW. You are strongly encouraged to read this guide before constructing your web pages.

University Style Guide

The Department of Marketing also has some useful online information to help you to produce a more effective website. You can access this information from the link below.

Producing Efective Web Content