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APS Level 4  2010 - 11   Setting up the KompoZer Program

The KompoZer program is reasonably easy to use, however there are a few basic options that you should set before using the program for the first time.

Start the program by clicking on the KompoZer icon - this will be located on the Windows Desk Top or on the Windows Task Bar, depending which location you selected during the program installation. (you can also start the program by clicking the Kompozer.exe file)

When the program starts you will be presented with an opening screen and an KompoZer 'Tip' box. Either read the 'Tip' or just click 'Close' on the the Tip box header to dismiss it. You should then see the KompoZer main screen.

On the Kompozer Menu Bar click on 'Tools' to see the drop down list box, as below. then click on Options:

Kompozer Tools


Next click Preferences on the drop down list box as below under Options.

Kompozer Tools menu


You will then see the General Preferences setting screen shown below. You will need to make two changes on this screen.

The first time that KompoZer opens, you will see that the tick box 'Use CSS Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Editing' is probably ticked by default. If so please click on this box to deselect this option - there should be  no tick in the box.

Cascading Style Sheets are a way of applying 'Style Attributes' to elements of your web pages. If you are new to making a website, 'Styles' can be very confusing. For that reason, I strongly advise you to turn this option off initially, unless you are familiar with the use of Cascading Styles.


Kompozer css edit


The second option that you should change, is in the 'New Page Settings' tab, that is the third tab down on the left of the same dialog box. Click on this tab to go to the 'New Page Settings' Options. In the first list box labeled 'Author' type your own name. Your name will then be automatically added to each of your web pages in the meta data area - it will not appear when your page is viewed, but it can act as a keyword if someone searches for you by name.

Kompozer Name

This completes the setting up of KompoZer you may leave the other items at their default settings. KompoZer - it is now ready for you to start constructing your website.

Important - Saving the first file of your web site......

Your website's first, or home page file, must be saved with the file name 'index.html'. When you are ready to save your website's first file, click the KompoZer 'File' menu - then click 'save as', then navigate to the folder that you made for your website. Save the file with the name 'index'. KompoZer will add the .html extension automatically and it will remember the location of your website folder and save all of your other web page files into that folder.

Once you are happy with your first page, you can save it as a template, or you can simply save it with a different name. Doing this allows you to keep the same basic page layout for all of your pages. You would then simply edit the page content for the next page of your website.