Training in multi-scale approaches to understanding carbon dynamics in Arctic and upland systems

A network of Marie Curie host fellowships for Early Stage Research Training

What is MultiArc ?

MultiArc's objective is to understand the plant, soil and freshwater driven processes that define carbon dynamics at the plot and ecosystem scale and to understand how these processes scale up to drive the catchment-scale carbon dynamics

MultiArc will provide high quality research training to a team of six postgraduate researchers (“early stage training fellows” - each undertaking a 3 year fellowship) within the theme of carbon dynamics in Arctic and upland systems.

MultiArc six fellows will register for PhDs during their training. Completion of each fellow’s PhD will be an integral part of their activities. Fellows will therefore leave the programme with enhances qualifications, as well as with the necessary skills to apply their multi-scaled approach to the continued and increasing concern of climate change and the global carbon cycle.

MultiArc is a partnership between two leading European Universities and an internationally renowned research station that have a proven track record of successful collaboration: University of Sheffield (UK), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Abisko Scientific Research Station (Sweden).


Updated February 2008