Training in multi-scale approaches to understanding carbon dynamics in Arctic and upland systems

A network of Marie Curie host fellowships for Early Stage Research Training

MULTIARC supervisory team

Department of Animal & Plant Sciences

Dr Gareth K Phoenix

Research: Plant ecology, biogeochemical cycling

Professor Malcolm C Press
Now at the University of Birmingham

Research: Plant ecology, ecophysiology


Department of Geography

Dr Andy Hodson
Training Co-ordinator

Research: glacial hydrology, hydrochemistry

Dr Ed Hanna
Research: Modelling, climate change

--Abisko Scientific
--Research Station



Professor Terry V Callaghan
Research: Arctic Ecology and environmental change

Professor Torben Christensen
Research: Ecosystem processes, biogeochemistry



Free University of Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Department of Systems Ecology

Professor Rein Aerts
Research: Systems ecology, nutrient cycling

Dr Hans Cornelissen
Science coordinator

Research: Plant ecology, functional traits

Updated February 2008