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I am a mathematical biologist working in the field of theoretical evolutionary ecology. My research focuses on assessing the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of infectious disease systems to understand, for example, the evolution of host resistance to disease and how parasites evolve to counter these resistance mechanisms.

I have a BSc In Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Durham, an MRes in Mathematical Ecology from the University of York and a PhD in Theoretical Epidemiology from the University of Sheffield. I currently work as a postdoc in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield with Prof. Mike Boots.



Research Interests
  • Coevolutionary host-parasite dynamics
  • Spatially-explicit models of infectious disease
  • Adaptive dynamics theory (an extension of evolutionary game theory)

  • Publications
  • Best, A., White, A., Kisdi, E., Antonovics, J., Brockhurst, M. and Boots, M. (2010).
    The evolution of host-parasite range.
    The American Naturalist, 176:63-71
  • Best, A., White, A. and Boots, M. (2010).
    Resistance is futile but tolerance can explain why parasites do not always castrate their hosts.
    Evolution, 64:348-357
  • Best, A., White, A. and Boots, M. (2009).
    The implications of coevolutionary dynamics to host-parasite interactions.
    The American Naturalist, 173:779-791
  • Boots, M., Best, A., Miller, M. and White, A. (2009).
    The role of ecological feedbacks in the evolution of host defence: what does theory tell us?
    Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 364:27-36
  • Best, A., White, A. and Boots, M. (2008).
    The maintenance of host variation in tolerance to pathogens and parasites.
    PNAS, 105:20786-20791
  • Travis, J., Muenkemueller, T., Burton, O., Best, A., Dytham, C. and Johst, K. (2007).
    Deleterious mutations can surf to high densities on the wave front of an expanding population.
    Molecular Biology and Evolution, 24:2334-2343
  • Best, A., Johst, K., Muenkemueller, T. and Travis, J. (2007).
    Which species will succesfully track climate change? The influence of intraspecific competition and density-dependent dispersal on range shifting dynamics.
    Oikos, 116:1531-1539

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