My name is Heather.

I went back to University as a mature student where I studied Animal Science and gained a fdsc.

I joined Sheffield University, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, as a trainee technician. My contract is for two years. I will spend six weeks in various areas around the APS department for the first year. During the second year my trainers and I will decide which area I enjoyed the most and which suited my abilities. I will then spend time training further in just one or two of the areas which will then complete my training and hopefully end in a full time position in the Department.

scannerAt the moment I am working in Photography and Digital Imaging. This involves learning such techniques as digital image editing, photography, scanning and creating web sites.

I have already completed six weeks in teaching, working in the Perak labs preparing for practicles and six week in organismal biology preparing Daphnia cultures, cell culture and also looking at breeding birds and fish.

I will also be training in other parts of the APS, the areas include Molecular Ecology, Controlled Environments, Plants and Microbial Culture Maintenance and Analytical Services.

Personal Interests

I am continuing my studies via distance learning, where I hope to gain a BSc in Environmental Science.

I also enjoy playing flyball with my dog Fizz and also have several rescue cats.