UK Arctic Terrestrial Science

Achievements, Priorities and Opportunities

Meeting: 13th November, 2009

Department of Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield

The UK terrestrial science community has a long and well established history of arctic research from early pioneering studies more than a century ago to development of a diverse research agenda, through individual projects, consortia and contributions to major international initiatives.  With the Arctic undergoing some of the most rapid change in climate of any region, with greatest warming occurring over its terrestrial domain, the need for Arctic terrestrial research has never been greater.

This meeting of was held to review the achievements of UK Arctic terrestrial scientists, to expand collaboration and to set priority areas for future research.

Further details of the meeting and a summary of the achievements and research priorities are provided on the links from this page.

Meeting organised by Gareth Phoenix, Mat Williams, Bob Baxter and Phil Wookey

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