Digital Cameras - Page 1

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Here I will discuss the different types of Digital Cameras and the purpose for which they are most suited.

Here are some useful links:

Digital Camera Review This is one of the most comprehensive camera review web sites on the Internet . Here you will find detailed reviews of all the popular Digital Compact and Digital SLR cameras available from leading camera manufacturers world wide. The site also has an excellent 'News' section for the latest news about Digital Cameras, Digital Photography, Accessories and Digital Imaging in general.

The Menu Item 'Learn' has some useful information on Lighting, Composition and General Photography Techniques.

University of Cambridge Tutorials: Sean McHugh

An excellent series of 'In Depth Tutorials' about how digital cameras convert the photographed image from the camera sensor into a digital file and store it on the memory card. Essential reading if you wish to have an insight into the way in which the different size and type of image sensors used in digital cameras affect quality the saved picture.

The second tutorial Basics of Digital Camera Pixels is particularly worth reading if you want to understand how the physical size of pixels and not the number of mega-pixels relate to the quality of digital image.