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Glyn Woods,
Room D211
Tel    Int 20071
Ext.  +44 (0)114 2220071
APS Web Master, Photographer,
Member of Technical Support Staff

Introduction and welcome to my web site.

Here you will find information about a range of topics related to my work in the Department. The primary aim of my web site is to present the content in an easy to use format. The web site has simple layout with a menu bar below the page head graphics.

My Role in the Department

Presently have several roles in the Department specific to my background, training experience. I originally joined the Department as a Photographer practicing conventional black + white and colour silver halide based photography. This role has now expanded to embrace all aspects of digital photography and digital imaging for reproduction and presentation. I became the APS Web Master in 1990 adding web site design and maintenance to my job.

Other responsibilities include: