My Role as APS Web Master

As APS Web Master I have responsibility for the overall technical administration of APS web sites hosted on the University web servers. Dr Philip Warren has Academic administrative responsibility for the APS web sites.

I provide advice and support on all aspects of web site design, construction and maintenance. There are two different methods of web site construction and delivery within the University, these are:

1) CMS web sites

2) non CMS web sites

CMS Web Sites

CMS is an acronym for 'Content Management System' and is method of web site management based around a set of easy to use predefined page templates, into which text and images may be pasted. The advantage of using CMS page templates is to ensure consistency of the design and layout of web sites throughout the University. Large main Departmental web sites are constructed and maintained within this institution wide framework.

In APS information for inclusion in the main Departmental Web Site should be passed through to Caroline Smith in the General Office, or in her absence to Mrs S.A. Cater. They are the only members of the Department having access rights to the CMS system.

Non CMS Web Sites

These web sites are outside the CMS system but may have links out from major web sites held within CMS. Non CMS web sites use standard conventional .html based methods of design and construction. Examples of such web sites within APS include:

I have technical responsibility for all non CMS web sites. If you wish to set up a small web site, please consult me. Suitable software includes Nvu and Dreamweaver, some example are:

Dr Juliette Lathiere;

Mei Zhen Leu;

The Multiarc Web Site;

The APS Staff Student Committee;

The C-Panel Web Server

The University has recently introduced a more advanced non CMS web server that can run scripts and can link to databases. This server also has more advanced statistics reporting facilities, allowing detailed analysis of the 'hits' on web sites. This is the web server of choice for medium sized non CMS web sites such as Research Groups and Special Interest Groups. The web site information provider must register with CiCS to be granted access to the C-Panel web server. The BIOME research group is an example of a non CMS web site running on the C-Panel server.